Twelve Steps How To Overcome Depression

How to overcome depression? Depression can be caused by lots of reasons and it not always occurs because of genetics. Traumatic and unpleasant events are the most common reasons of this disorder.  Everyone suffers from melancholy just ones in life, because our life is not a bed of roses.  So, twelve steps offered below can be very useful. They can help you how to overcome depression and live happy and healthy life.

  • The first step: friendship and support. Talk to relatives and friends about your problems, their support and love can be very helpful.  Everyone needs love, it makes us stronger.
  • The second step: physical activity.  At the beginning, it may be difficult for you to will yourself into physical exercises, but very soon your will see life differently. Physical exercises are great to improve on both your personal fitness and mental state.  They can help you how to overcome depression naturally, clear your mind and feel better. You are not to exhaust yourself with long and killing exercises. Fifteen minutes of physical exercises are enough. According to researches, physical exercises increase activity of norepinephrine and serotonin in our brain. They work like counterdepressants and release endorphins and hormones having calming action.  Exercises induce euphoria. So, if you want to overcome depression, do not forget about it!
  • The third step: well-balanced diet. According to researches, our mood depends heavily on food we eat. To overcome depression, you are better to eat food containing carbohydrates (potatoes, grains, beans, etc.), proteins (cheese,  fish, meat, milk, yogurt, seeds, chicken, etc.), vitamins B, E, C, minerals, omega – 3 fatty acid and vegetables (spinach, broccoli, pumpkin). Try to avoid processed foods, sugar and white flour.
  • The fourth step: find a highly experienced doctor. Most people think it is ridiculous to ask for help when you want to overcome depression. Do not let your prejudice be in the way. This mental disorder can result in suicide. Find a good psychiatrist and let him help you to overcome depression, while the going is good.  When you are in pain, people, who love you, are in pain, too.  Don’t spin it out! Consult a psychiatrist or your attending physician. Do not be afraid, everything you tell the psychiatrist is within four walls.
  • The fifth step: pharmaceuticals.  Even, if you are not a fan of drugs, they can be very helpful. This mental disorder can be caused by hormonal disbalance. In such situation, to overcome depression you have to take medicines in any case. We are all different and ways of treatment are different, respectively.  The only thing, you should remember, do not start taking drugs right now. Try the previous steps, consult the psychiatrist, may be it will be enough to overcome depression.
  • The sixth step: sleep. Good sleep is essential, if you want your mood to be stable.  Keep a sleep/mood journal and track what things affected your mood, thoughts and how long you slept. As is known, our biological clocks are affected by changes in sleep. As you see it is very important to have right sleep in order to overcome depression.
  • The seventh step: sunlight. Amount of sunlight we get also influences our biological clocks. Sometimes depression can be caused by lack of light. So, if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder, light cure can be very effective. Moreover, it is one more effective tool which you can use to overcome depression.
  • The eighth step: a gratitude journal. According to researches of Sonja Lyumbomirsky, psychologist of California University, this journal is a very efficient ways to overcome depression. Write down all things and events that make you happy and you will notice your pain falls back and energy levels rise.
  • The ninth step: social activity. Lots of doctors consider that active involvement in life of community can help overcome depression. When you take part in some noble mission and achieve a desired goal, you recover peace of mind. It is worth of trying!
  • The tenth step: personal and cognitive behavioural therapy.  This therapy can influence positively your thoughts and make you more active. It teaches us to avoid dysfunctional behavior and negative thoughts.
  • The eleventh step: be patient.  Time is a great healer. Do not overcome depression by yourself, get in touch with people.  Consult a doctor and join a support group.  Following above mentioned tips, you will have a chance to get through it.
  • The twelfth step: meditation.  This is very effective tool which will help you to clear thoughts and recover. Some people pray. Prayers and meditation empower people and make them believe they can overcome depression.   It is in your hands. Do not give up!

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