Lamictal for Depression

Treating depression can be quite challenging. There have been patients who have been suffering with the disorder for decades with still no adequate remedy to completely alleviate the condition. Of course, by this point, they would have found treatment methods that at least reduce the symptoms but not get rid of it completely. On the other hand, there may be other patients who instantly find relief and get rid of the disorder shortly with common, conventional treatment methods. This may depend on the severity as well as the trigger causing the disorder in the first place. Finding the underlying reason usually helps however sometimes it may not be necessarily triggered by something mental, rather it would be due to a chemical imbalance in the body, particularly in the brain.

There may be times when no conventional or alternative treatments seem to be very helpful with getting rid of the disorder. Conventional remedies typically include antidepressants, talk therapy and electroconvulsive therapy while alternative treatments are plenty including just a change in lifestyle, ancient Chinese healing techniques such as acupuncture as well as other mechanisms such as meditation and yoga. Sometimes effective remedies may be found but side effects may be unbearable to the point that it will have to be discontinued. When this occurs, patients usually look at other rare forms of treatments that are usually not used to treat the malady.

One possible treatment is lamictal for depression. Lamictal and depression are usually not linked together but some research suggests that the drug can indeed be effective for treating the condition. The drug is typically used to treat other medical and mental conditions such as epilepsy and panic attacks. The drug is very effective in preventing seizures which can be difficult to deal with. The drug has also recently been used to treat bipolar disorder, typically when the patient undergoes depression phase in the cycle of the disorder. This suggests that lamictal depression treatment is indeed a possible solution.

Lamictal dosage for depression may vary and should only be consumed under supervision of a doctor typically because it is still not an approved method of treatment for depression. Based on medical studies, the drug may take a considerably long period of time (up to several months) before it starts to take effect and alleviate symptoms. This isn’t a pleasant fact for someone looking to try the treatment but it may well be worth the shot.

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