Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

There seems to be a lot of notoriety surrounding antidepressants in recent times. This has been brought to attention recently due to its widespread use. In fact, it has been deduced that antidepressants are the most sold drug in pharmacies. The drug is used because it is very effective and provides relief in a very short period of time after consumption. Due to the mood elevating effects it has, even individuals without depression tend to use the drug to feel upbeat and confident. There are several negative effects of the drug. It has a number of side effects that can be very difficult to deal with such as insomnia, tremors, weight gain and headaches. These are few of several side effects that can affect people who are on a course of antibiotics. Another disadvantage is dependence. People with depression may permanently need the drug in order to function normally.

In comparison, switching to home remedies for depression poses no such side effects and dependence. There are numerous depression home remedies and alternative therapies that are now being enthusiastically embraced as they are better and safer in treating the disorder in the long run. Home remedies include herbal remedies. One such herbal remedy is St. John’s Wort which is commonly recommended for depression. It is abundantly available in pharmacies and is one of the effective home remedies for depression.

Other home remedies include relaxation techniques. There are several relaxation techniques that are practiced by even healthy individuals as it elevates a person’s mood and makes them feel more at ease. Yoga and meditation are two examples. Waking up every morning and meditating for a significant period of time everyday can be a great treatment for the disorder that can be done in the comfort of your home.

Despite being a no-brainer, music therapy has also proven to be effective in altering moods and alleviating depression symptoms. There are various playlists available online that cater to particular moods. Listening to music that cultivates relaxation, tranquility and happiness can be excellent in treating depression.

These are few of the home remedies that can be tried to treat the disorder. Bear in mind that most of these home treatments can also be used to treat anxiety, another common and debilitating mental disorder. There are numerous other home remedies for depression and anxiety that can be experimented with. The effectiveness of these methods boils down to trial and error as it depends on the individual and various other factors depending on the situation.

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