Chemical Depression — Imbalance

Depression can comes in various forms and can be caused by a number of factors. In today’s times where the disorder is very prevalent, it is usually caused by traumatic incidents and drug abuse however there are times when people who have no severe mental or physical trauma can develop the condition. Celebrities for example, who are known to be the epitome of having the perfect life has often times, had bouts of depression without being under drug abuse. The best explanation and cause for the disorder is chemical depression. Chemical depression is simply a term used to describe people who have developed the condition due to a physiological aspect in the body such as a deficiency of a certain element in the body.

In fact, the most certain connection made between the disease is a depression chemical imbalance, an issue with the neurotransmitter serotonin which regulates an array of critical processes in the body including heart rate and libido. Chemical imbalance depression may or may not be easier to treat than if the disorder is caused by other, unknown factors. For example, there is evidence to suggest that one link between depression and chemical imbalance is present with thyroid hormones. In this case, simply checking the levels of the hormone in the body and taking a dose of the hormones can regulate levels and alleviate the depression symptoms.

In some cases however, as in the issue with serotonin, fixing the issue is not as easy. Of course, most contemporary treatments for the disorder focus on fixing the issue with serotonin and is known to be effective. However, there are cases where conventional treatments fail to have an effect on the person which can make treating the patient quite difficult. People often wonder what chemical causes depression however there is no specific cause as this. Usually, it is a deficiency of a certain chemical in the body or an imbalance of a combination of chemical that cause the symptoms of the disorder. There are however several drugs that can be responsible in exhibiting the symptoms associated with the condition.

People who develop the disorder after extensive mental or physical trauma are much harder to treat as no chemical is responsible in bringing on the disorder. Chemical depression makes the disorder a lot less complex than depression caused by other factors.

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