Beating Depression: Eight Tips

1) Diet
We always try to suppress feelings by starving or overeating. Some of us try to do it drinking to much alcohol. But this is not the best way for beating depression. Moreover, suppressing our feelings in such a way, we risk to have depression. Overeating, starving or alcohol only put off our feelings and make us eat/drink more. We make a situation worse and hurt ourselves. It is better to control eating habits. Eat three times a day avoiding snacks. Your diet should be well-balanced. I do not propose you a health diet. Eat any food you want, but in small portions. When you are hungry, it is not bad at all. It only means the food has been processed.

2) When beating depression, you should control thinking
Replace the words «depression» or «depressed» with «low mood». Low mood is much easier to control. If you say each time «I suffer from depression», it will not help you in beating depression.

3) Positive thoughts
Say «Good-bye» to bad habits and negative thoughts. Try to replace them with positive thoughts. Lots of people, who suffer from depression, spend too much money, abuse drugs and alcohol. Avoid bad behavior, it will not help you. When beating depression, blame nobody and nothing in your problems. Face life with humor and use problem-solving skills. Remember, positive thinking is a key to success. Of course, our relatives and friends do their best and respond with care, when we cry, complain or stay in bed all day long.

4) Physical activity
When exercising and having proper diet, we make one more step to better tomorrow. Beating depression is a long process. Of course, physical activity does not mean professional sport and you need not to have hours in the gym. Try to go for a walk every day and you will see positive changes very soon. Do not give up after a few days of exercises. Physical exercises do not cure you, but help you to control emotions and life.

5) Have a realistic outlook on life
When we are depressed, we think we cannot live a happy life, because we do not have much money, prestigious job, a lover, a big house, etc. You should make a revision of your priorities. Accept the real situation and try to fight against negative thoughts. When beating depression, look for ways that will help to solve a problem. If you want a prestigious position, may be it is worth to improve your skill and enter a university or have some courses. In any case, you should do something to change your situation to better instead of pessimistic mood.

6) And again, be positive
Change your social life, take interest in people and show warmth towards them. Share activities of your friends, relatives and colleagues. Forget about self-pity and complaints. Visit your friends and do not to tell them how sad and lonely you are, but talk about their interests. Ignore depression and ask your friends no to be pitiful to you and not to talk about your depression. People with negative thinking usually minimize their talents and skills. At the same time, positive thinking makes us look at failures and sadness as at normal moments of life and find easily the ways that will help us to improve our life.

7) Interests and their development
When we are interested in nothing, we make the first step to depression. Lack of activities makes our life boring and does not help in beating depression. Interests and activities are our best friends in beating depression. They keep our mind off negative emotions and make us forget about problems. So, if you feel sadness, anger, guilt or anxiety, turn to music, painting, do something about the house, visit your elderly relatives or something else.

8) Be at work on your problems
Ask yourself: «What can I do about negative situation in my life? What are the ways of beating depression?» Then, solve your personal problems step by step. It is better to start from simple goals. Do not overwhelm yourself and, if the problem is complex, break the process of its solution into a few steps. Do not be pitiful to yourself and do not reject possible solution. Some people find millions of reasons not to solve their problems. You should not tread in their steps. Ask your friends and relatives for ideas, when searching ways of beating depression. Join any support group.

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