Agitated Depression, Symptoms, Treatment

Depression and agitation may be considered as mutually exclusive as some, and rightfully so. Being depressed comprises of rather calm symptoms such as apathy and a loss of motivation while agitation is characterized by being overly emotional. However, there is a rare form of the condition known as agitated depression. What is agitated depression? Agitated depression is a type of depression that presents itself using very different symptoms in comparison to ordinary forms of the disorder. Agitated depression symptoms include frequent loss of temper, aggression as well as being irritated for no particular reason. A person with agitated depression may be mistaken for someone who has poor anger management.

A subtle amount of the aforementioned signs may be present even with ordinary clinical depression however with AD; these symptoms are more animated and emphasized. Besides being agitated, aggressive and moody in an obnoxious way, there are a few other signs to look out for. Due to the overlapping of symptoms and the fact that the indicators are rather generic, it can be quite difficult to diagnose. The symptoms are also rather similar to manic depressive disorder so differentiating it can be a little challenging.

As aforementioned, the issue of being misdiagnosed of having anger management problems may worsen the symptoms as it can affect the person emotionally if they are considered to have issues managing their anger. A person who has agitated depression may alternate between mild behaviors to more intense aggression. The personality of the person can also reflect the extent of the symptoms. Like most other forms of the disorder, AD is usually diagnosed during the middle ages or older generation however it is possible for young adults to develop the condition as well.

If you notice a rash change in behavior in someone, you should be on the lookout for certain specific symptoms. People with AD tend to often present a few apparent symptoms. ADD like symptoms are common where the individual finds it difficult to focus and is constantly on edge. Besides this, other aggressive behavior such as constant pondering and reasoning about trivial, baseless topics, verbal outbursts as well as animated movement of their hands.

If you suspect the possibility of AD, you should be looking at treatment for agitated depression. Agitated depression treatment is similar in nature to other types of the disorder even though symptoms are rather distinctive. Treatments include antidepressants, cognitive therapy and psychotherapy.

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