5 HTP for Depression — Dosage for Depression

With the prevalence of depression, medical researchers are constructing new remedies that are more effective and less intrusive to treat the disorder. In recent times, a drug referred to as 5 htp (5-hydroxytryptohan) has gained considerable popularity. The 5 htp depression treatment became popular when a few well known celebrities were reported to have used the remedy to get rid of the disorder quite comprehensively. HTP is a key amino acids used to produce the fundamental neurotransmitter Serotonin. If you know anything about depression, you will probably be aware of that serotonin is the main ingredient that governs the probability of developing the condition in a person.

5 htp for depression has been considered an effective treatment right beside a range of antidepressants such as Prozac and Luvox because of its surprising positive effects on a depressed person. In fact based on certain authoritative studies conducted, the 5 htp depression treatment proved to be more efficient in comparison to other popular antidepressants. Additionally, 5 htp hardly produced any side effects and we all know the severe negative effects conventional antidepressants can have.

While 5 htp and depression seem to work well together, there are still side effects expected even though they don’t usually manifest. These typically include generic digestive symptoms such as nausea and bloating. The digestive symptoms are due to the fact that it may interfere with the digestive system’s production of serotonin. For this reason, it may be a good idea to take it in a smaller 5 htp dosage for depression initially and work your way up so that your body will get used to it.

Based on medical reports, excess dosages of 5 htp depression treatment is not dangerous and for this reason is safe for depressed individual who may be having suicidal tendencies as they may attempt suicide by overdosing on the treatment. However, it should be kept in mind that excess doses in combination with medications used to treat migraines as well as other antidepressants can produce a rare body state where serotonin is in excess. This can result in a colossal number of symptoms with the worst case scenario being coma and death. While this is very rare, due to this reason it is advisable to steer clear of consuming 5 htp with antidepressants.

5 htp is an excellent alternative treatment for depression, but like any other drug it should be used with caution and under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.

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